Educating young people on to how reach financial freedom by becoming a property investor is a key goal of my blog.

I’m not a professional property expert, nor do I have a finance or economic background. But by 30 years old, I’d bought four international investment properties in Sydney and London with my husband – all whilst on a very average 9 to 5 job.

My 23 year old little sister and 31 year old brother want to buy their first home so I initially created this blog to help them take advantage of the property market.

But then I realised the growing difficulties my siblings, and many other prospective home buyers, faced with trying to step onto the increasingly competitive and expensive property ladder.

Thus, I want to share the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired through my own journey to help make property investing more easier for you to understand and take action, as well as for others on a smaller budget who may no longer believe that home ownership is achievable.

If you have any property buying and investing questions, email me on hello@bigsisterspropertytips.com and I’ll try my best to write a future blog post on your chosen topic.

Big Sister, Jude


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