Property investment tip 35: Is it better to buy a house or an apartment?

Some people believe that buying a house is a better investment because the real value is in the land. Over the long-term, land often increases in more value than buildings. Other people don't mind investing in apartments because they're more affordable, allowing you to buy properties in popular locations on a smaller budget. However, many... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 31: Are holiday homes a good investment?

Every now and then, everyone dreams of that perfect holiday home. A place in the sun or winter sun by the beach, lake, mountain, forest or ski slope, to name a few. But are holiday homes a good investment? It depends. If you buy a holiday home for the enjoyment of your family and friends,... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 29: 13 lessons learnt from buying property abroad

When a housing market becomes over-priced and too competitive, like Sydney and parts of London, you should consider looking for new property investment opportunities in other countries. Buying property abroad is a big step - which most people will never take. The lack of confidence and knowledge prevents many people from investing overseas. But confidence... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 4: Can you purchase a property in the UK if you are on an EEA Family Permit?

Many expats, like myself, live in the UK. Once you feel settled into the country and start making long-term plans, eventually you might want to purchase your own home. However, can you apply to purchase a property in the UK if you are on an EEA Family Permit? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ –... Continue Reading →

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