Property investment tip 37: Don’t assume your property manager or strata manager is always there to help you

The property manager, who is also referred to as the strata manager in some countries, is often the main point of contact for owners and tenants of apartments and houses in multi-unit complexes. And so, many people mistakenly assume the property manager is responsible for fixing problems with the building and the communal areas. This... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 34: Beware of buying properties with flat roofs

Roofs can be slanted or they can be flat. It's very important to get a building inspection report which details the state and age of the roof before you proceed with any property purchase. Repairing a damaged roof is one of the most costly expenses you can incur as a property investor – and I... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 32: 10 secrets on why you should not always trust your Body Corporate or Strata Committee

When you buy an apartment or a townhouse, as the owner, you immediately become a member of the Body Corporate, which is also referred to as the Owners Corporation in some countries. The Body Corporate is a 'group' made up of all the landlords who own property in the same building or complex. The Body... Continue Reading →

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