Opinion: How many properties do you need to own to retire early?

Logic tells us that the more properties we own, the more rental income we can make, and the more capital gain we can accrue. When you accumulate more wealth, in theory, you should be able to retire earlier. But the reality is most people cannot buy properties endlessly. So how many properties do you really... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 19: Is rent money dead money?

I've met many people who believe that rent money is dead money. They think that paying rent towards another landlord's mortgage is a waste of money - especially when their hard-earned savings can be put towards their own deposits. Many of these people live with their families until they can afford to buy a home. Thereafter,... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 18: Positive gearing and negative gearing – which is better?

When you buy a property, it's important you understand if it's positive geared or negative geared. You should also be aware if it's possible to change the 'gearing status' of a property by adjusting the rental income or undertaking renovation work. But firstly, what is positive gearing and negative gearing? Positive gearing, also known as... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 9: 8 tips on saving for a house deposit in the shortest amount of time

When I graduated from school, saving for a house deposit was a very achievable, despite my low salary. But with property booms across the UK and Australia, and with inflation rising faster than salaries, home ownership has become much more difficult for first-time buyers. I’ve researched various saving techniques over the past decade, and unless... Continue Reading →


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