Property investment tip 35: Is it better to buy a house or an apartment?

Some people believe that buying a house is a better investment because the real value is in the land. Over the long-term, land often increases in more value than buildings. Other people don't mind investing in apartments because they're more affordable, allowing you to buy properties in popular locations on a smaller budget. However, many... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 34: Beware of buying properties with flat roofs

Roofs can be slanted or they can be flat. It's very important to get a building inspection report which details the state and age of the roof before you proceed with any property purchase. Repairing a damaged roof is one of the most costly expenses you can incur as a property investor – and I... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 31: Are holiday homes a good investment?

Every now and then, everyone dreams of that perfect holiday home. A place in the sun or winter sun by the beach, lake, mountain, forest or ski slope, to name a few. But are holiday homes a good investment? It depends. If you buy a holiday home for the enjoyment of your family and friends,... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 26: Should you wait for the property bubble to burst before buying a house?

Growing up, I was told by most of my friends and family that it's best to wait for the property market or property bubble to burst before buying a property. This way, you get the best property prices. Admittedly, I disagree with this belief. Though it's important to be informed about the economy and the... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 21: How to find properties on sale which are not listed on the Internet

Many first time home buyers often only rely on websites to find properties on sale. In a technological age, this search method is the most obvious choice. However, smart investors also use their initiative to source properties that are not listed on the Internet. This means the market competition is often reduced as less buyers... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 20: 6 tips on how to buy a property for the lowest price

Being a good negotiator is a very important skill for all home buyers, but it's a skill that is often overlooked in the property buying process. Remember, the better you are at convincing the real estate agent and the vendor that you're an experienced buyer (even if you are not), the more leverage you'll have... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 18: Positive gearing and negative gearing – which is better?

When you buy a property, it's important you understand if it's positive geared or negative geared. You should also be aware if it's possible to change the 'gearing status' of a property by adjusting the rental income or undertaking renovation work. But firstly, what is positive gearing and negative gearing? Positive gearing, also known as... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 15: Seven things people forget to inspect when buying a property

When new buyers inspect a property, it’s easier to take more notice of larger features such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, flooring, interior design, etc, given that time is limited at each viewing. However, it’s almost more important to inspect the less noticeable parts of the building, seven of which I have listed below with... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 11: How to find property hotspots in poorer areas

If you want to be a property investor but have a smaller budget, you really should consider buying run-down properties in poorer areas which have the potential to gentrify into up-and-coming areas. All four of my properties were bought in poorer towns just before gentrification happened. My first Sydney apartment and my London home doubled... Continue Reading →

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