Property investment tip 36: Which parts of your property should you renovate first to attract more tenants and buyers?

It's a known fact that renovating your house or apartment can increase the value and attract more tenants and buyers. But with a thousand ways to renovate a property, where should you actually begin? I've renovated four properties, and have concluded that, there are three key features of a house and an apartment which have... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 34: Beware of buying properties with flat roofs

Roofs can be slanted or they can be flat. It's very important to get a building inspection report which details the state and age of the roof before you proceed with any property purchase. Repairing a damaged roof is one of the most costly expenses you can incur as a property investor – and I... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 22: Should your rental property be furnished or unfurnished? Key lessons learnt

When you purchase a new investment property, it's tempting to over-renovate and buy new furniture to attract the best tenants. But is having a furnished property the best investment plan? Does furnishing your property make you more money? Only our first investment rental property was furnished to attract higher paying tenants. This worked for the... Continue Reading →

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