Property investment tip 27: How to manage your cash flow so your house does not get repossessed

Managing your cash flow is one of the most important things you need to do as a landlord and a property investor. Failure to do so could mean that, one day, your lender might repossess your property. Good cash flow is having enough money – either from your rental income, or your salary, or your... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 26: Should you wait for the property bubble to burst before buying a house?

Growing up, I was told by most of my friends and family that it's best to wait for the property market or property bubble to burst before buying a property. This way, you get the best property prices. Admittedly, I disagree with this belief. Though it's important to be informed about the economy and the... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 25: How do you qualify for the lowest interest rates as an expat?

'Interest’ is what the lender charges you for your loan. For example, if you borrow £90,000 for a house, the interest is calculated daily or monthly on this amount. The exact interest rate is determined by the lender. How do you find the best interest rates as an expat It’s easy to find a list... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 24: How to find the right tenants for your property

Making consistent, long-term rental income as a property investor is dependent on you selecting the right tenant from the onset. Many landlords believe that good tenants should have a stable income and a character similar to themselves. But the reality is, your property may not always attract such tenants. The type of people interested in... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 23: Do you really need a letting agent or property manager to look after your property, or can you do it yourself?

Letting agents and property managers can help you manage your property when you don't have the time, skill or desire to do it yourself - all for a management fee. But are their services really worth it? It depends. Two of my investment properties are managed by letting agents, whilst my husband and I look... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 22: Should your rental property be furnished or unfurnished? Key lessons learnt

When you purchase a new investment property, it's tempting to over-renovate and buy new furniture to attract the best tenants. But is having a furnished property the best investment plan? Does furnishing your property make you more money? Only our first investment rental property was furnished to attract higher paying tenants. This worked for the... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 21: How to find properties on sale which are not listed on the Internet

Many first time home buyers often only rely on websites to find properties on sale. In a technological age, this search method is the most obvious choice. However, smart investors also use their initiative to source properties that are not listed on the Internet. This means the market competition is often reduced as less buyers... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 20: 6 tips on how to buy a property for the lowest price

Being a good negotiator is a very important skill for all home buyers, but it's a skill that is often overlooked in the property buying process. Remember, the better you are at convincing the real estate agent and the vendor that you're an experienced buyer (even if you are not), the more leverage you'll have... Continue Reading →

Property investment tip 19: Is rent money dead money?

I've met many people who believe that rent money is dead money. They think that paying rent towards another landlord's mortgage is a waste of money - especially when their hard-earned savings can be put towards their own deposits. Many of these people live with their families until they can afford to buy a home. Thereafter,... Continue Reading →

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