Property investment tip 37: Your property manager or strata manager will not always help you

our property manager or strata manager is not always there to help you

The property manager (or strata manager) is the main point of contact for landlords and tenants who own or live in multi-unit buildings.

As such, people believe property managers can fix every building problem. This is not true.

The property manager informs the Body Corporate Committee (or Strata Committee) of a problem. The Committee makes a decision and gives instructions on how the problem should be addressed. The property manager actions the instructions given by the Committee.

The Committee members are the key decision-makers who control the budget; not the property manager.

Understanding the role of your property manager / strata manager

Landlords can be property managers of a building where they own a unit. But in larger complexes, the Committee hires a property manager or strata manager from an external property management company.

Property managers tend to have more property management experience than the Committee member. But the Committee always believe they know what’s best.

Furthermore, when the Committee takes too long to resolve an issue, landlords and tenants will mistakenly blame the property manager first.

Many property managers and strata managers work hard, but they do not care for your building like you do. It’s not their investment. Remember that.

Always inform a Committee member of your problem

To get your building problem fixed sooner, copy in a Committee member, in particularly the Chairperson, every time you email the property manager.

The Chairperson approves the agenda for discussion at the next Committee meeting. No one will discuss your problem if it’s not on the agenda.

Miscommunication can occur between the Committee members and the property manager because everyone works remotely.

Power battles exist. The Committee will state that they were not aware of your problem. But, the property manager will argue that the Committee were informed. Emailing is the best form of communication; you have a record of the exact content and a list of the recipients.

So, have you had any problems with your property manager or strata manager?

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