How to keep your property safe over Christmas

How to keep your property safe over Christmas

Christmas is arriving in a few days! Millions of people will be, or are getting ready to head on vacation. Yet, this period also present an excellent opportunity for thieves to target empty homes. That’s why it’s very important to keep your property safe over Christmas and the festive season.

And it’s not just your responsibility. Your tenants must also keep your investment property secure whenever they are not at home.

I can always tell when there are no residents currently in a property. And, if I can tell when a property is empty, I know a thief will think the same. Below are the telltale signs of an empty house, to help you and your tenant keep your property safe: 

How to keep your property safe over Christmas and New Years

  1. Your bin is left on the pavement or street. This is the most obvious sign that no one is at home. Ask your neighbours or friends to return your bin to your plot of land each week. Reciprocate this act if you are having difficulties finding willing volunteers. 
  2. Your lights are always off. Use a timer to program when your lights automatically switch on and off. Don’t turn on all the lights in your property; this is a waste of electricity. Simply, plug a small lamp into a light timer, and place this lamp in the room closest to the pavement. People will assume someone is in the ‘living room’. 
  3. Your lights are on all night until the morning; people do this when they don’t own a light timer. Unless you’re known as a night owl, no one leaves their lights on all night if they are at home.
  4. Your curtain are always closed or always opened. When you go on vacation, close all your curtains so thieves cannot see inside during the day, and people assume you’re asleep at night. But leave one curtain open, preferably in an upstairs room, so it appears that someone wakes up in the morning.
  5. Your mailbox is full. Post overflowing from your mailbox indicates that no one is at home. Ask a neighbour to collect your mail, or post a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign to reduce the influx of mail. 

Remember, it’s best to leave a list of tradesmen and their contact details with your tenant before you go on vacation. If not, your tenant may bother you when something breaks down.

So, how do you keep your property safe over Christmas?

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